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Todd, Director 

"My experience working with her exceeded all of my expectations. The bottom line is Alexis just “gets it”. She taught me more than I expected to learn.


I found myself more productive and happier when I started valuing 'being' instead of just 'doing'. I highly recommend Alexis.”

Kim, Sales

"Alexis isn't just a coach, she's also walked in my shoes. Her business and career background enable her to provide me with action steps and a plan so I could see clearly, finally achieve my goals and level up.  I highly recommend Alexis." 


Secily, CEO

"Working with Alexis taught me how to get grounded and balance my everyday life. Her exercises helped me understand how to and what it really feels like to get in my body and ground myself. Her facilitation pointed me back to myself which was profound in my self-growth and simplified my life. She is the real deal!"

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Kristin, VP

Going into my work with Alexis, I could not have conceptualized that a 20-hour work week was possible. I’m a type-A, overachiever executive, and “go” mode is the only mode I’ve known.  Her work is transformational. Today: I’m thriving at work, and on the home front, and most importantly, I feel I have the tools I need to sustain it.

IF YOU want to Step into your dharma, transform your life and need support, accountability and a plan,
What the heck is dharma?


In private success coaching sessions, you'll get crystal clear on what a career and personal life in the Flow look and feel like,

and how you'll make that vision a reality.


Sessions are customized to your unique goals, but all clients:

  • Consciously determine and hone their leadership strategy

  • Develop confidence by consistently taking action towards their big goals

  • Strengthen their accountability and empowered mindset to create the results they seek

  • Learn the habits and routines to enjoy success sustainably

In my 6 month program, I will help you step into your dharma and away from an unfulfilling life. You will get:


If you want to take your life and career to the next level,

this is for you.

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5 Steps to Freedom

1. Explore

2. Prepare

3. Launch

4. Restore

5. Rebirth