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Alexis Pokorny Kahlow, Founder

"You do not have to sacrifice wellbeing for results, in fact, wellbeing is the secret to your consistent success."

Being a 12-year Cisco veteran recognized as a Top 1% sales performer, Alexis most recently ran Cisco’s NYC Financial Services Sales and Engineering business.  As a highly functioning corporate sales leader in NYC, she saw employees who felt stuck in high-income, cutthroat jobs.


Through her own results, she knew that "non- traditional" modalities were an asset. So she introduced corporate-based mindfulness to her team which led to decreased turnover, improved culture and increased performance.  After successfully presenting mindfulness to Cisco's 70,000 employees she was inspired to touch more lives and set out to do so.


By going through the methods we teach, Alexis met her husband, started a fulfilling business that felt like play, was free to travel the world, bought her dream house, developed a nurturing community and created a life that was grounded, in the "Flow", fulfilling and impactful. 


She couples her entertaining corporate anecdotes as a corporate leader at a Fortune 50 company with over 15 years of studying mindfulness, intuition, and energy in real-world practical terms that lead to results... without the grind.  


Her mission: to prepare and advocate for a new professional, one who embodying ancient wisdom and modern technology so we can create a regenerative world where we thrive instead of just survive.


Today she presents globally, working with Fortune 500 companies to develop internal mindfulness programs, provides professional training through the Open Deltas community and is publishing a book on how to get out of the grind and into the flow.

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