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Vegetable Garden

grow your own food with

Backyard to Belly

A turnkey regenerative raised garden box. 


(Hi, I'm Farmer Lex and I like to grow things!)


We are Backyard to Belly, a turnkey regenerative garden box. We provide you everything you'll need to start producing food, herbs, compost and creating a

regenerative local ecosystem.


You might start gardening because of the outcome (veggies!) but we can assure the process of connecting with nature will be the true gift.


We believe that when you start growing your own food,  your relationship with everything around you changes.


Green Vegetables

What You Get



You will get either a 4x4ft or 8x4ft raised bed with low water irrigation system, "living" soil, organic veggie+ fruit starts/herbs/medicinal herbs/pollinators, tools,
worm compost and




Everything is ordered, delivered and installed so you can start growing immediately. 



Learn how to grow your plants, when to harvest, how to compost, steps for sequestering carbon into your soil and enhancing your local ecosystem. 



Every season you'll learn what veggies + herbs to plant, how to grow, where to plant in your garden box and how to harvest it. Also celebrate earth-based holidays with the Backyard community.   

How to Begin?

Are you looking for ways to do your part in restoring balance to our ecosystem, bring nature closer to home and have a hand in growing your own food? 

This is more than a garden. It’s about aligning with your true essence. It’s a lifestyle change that can also regenerate and support the environment in the process. 

Your garden has the potential to be an ecological haven, sequestering carbon and supporting biodiversity. How do you get there?


One garden box at a time. 

Gardening Tools

Your Part

  1. Locate a flat 4x4ft or 8x4ft space that gets sun and has access to water through a hose you provide. 

  2.  Email us and provide your location, a picture of the space and confirm you have a hose with running water that will reach the garden bed.  

  3. Pay our flat fee (+ travel time) and schedule installation. 


That's it. 

We show up and do the rest. 

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