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How to bring Mindfulness into Any Organization

Discover how to create a mindfulness program that leads to sustainable office culture change in an hour. 

This highly curated material, pulled from 15+ years studying mindfulness and 12+ years in a corporate sales leadership role,

is what I used to launch a mindfulness program at a fortune 100 company. 

This program is condensed to allow you to launch a successful program without an extensive time comment

allowing you to maintain your daily responsibilities. 

How it Works

In this four-part program, you’ll receive:

  • Short videos (under 10 minutes each) that cover a specific, proven process that you can immediately put into action. 

  • An implementation guide including reference material, exercises and handouts. 

  • 1:1 coaching and Mastermind video calls with Alexis and a community of like-minded professionals.

Once enrolled, you will have access to the entire program to go at your own pace as your

schedule allows or repeat the course over again as much as you like.  


Best of all, everything is yours to keep! 

what We'll cover:


  • Assess your Culture to create the right program for culture.

  • Identify Goals, Challenges, Benefits to reduce complexity.

  • Develop your own practice and lead by example.

  • Name your program.

  • Vetting Programs, Tools and Trainers: considerations for safe and effective programs.

  • Creating a Program: understand the pros and cons for tools, resources and programs.  

  • Budget: how to build a business case, how to build a budget and ways to reduce costs.

  • Hallmarks of Successful Programs: top 10 tips.

  • Bonus: Intro to the Mindfulness Industry. 


  • Kick Off: setting expectations, be relevant and provide consistent communication.

  • Be Prepared: reduce cycles with prepared benefits, case studies and FAQ templates to handle questions and myths.

  • Measuring Success: What to track, how to track and how to communicate.


  • Create a Network of Support: why and how to get an executive sponsor, network of champions and volunteers. 

  • Internal Resource Portal: what to include, how to manage and how to create standards.  

  • Communication: what and how to communicate effectively. 

  • Behavior Change: understand how to create lasting change. 

  • Informal and Formal Programs: ideas and best practices to reduce complexity and increase impact. 


  • Employee Resource Groups or Affiliate Groups: utilizing champions and employee run organizations for sustainable integration. 

  • Mindful Integration into the Workday: playbook on how mindfulness can be integrated into every minute of the day for positive impact. 

  • Mindful Leadership: getting support and how to create mindful leaders. 

  • Mindful Meetings: optimize meeting experience with mindful tips. 

  • Digital Communication: how to use technology to enhance, not impede performance and well-being. 

  • Highlight Success: how to create and communicate a world class mindful organization.

Need more Support?

Adam Apps, Sales Leader 

@Pure Storage

Alexis’ mindful and self-aware approach to life is uniquely and effectively applied in a corporate leadership setting. By introducing and driving a mindfulness program to sales teams and embodying mindful leadership, Alexis is able deliver results and proves there are different fruitful pathways to success and personal fulfillment, even in corporate environments.

Sara Stewart, World Wide 

Data Center Leader

@ Cisco

Alexis brought mindfulness to the organization as a way to positively performance, but it ended up impacting much more. As a new leader and influencer on a global virtual team, I was able to become a much more effective leader and teammate by reducing stress and helping me focus on impactful priorities, despite all the fire drills. Alexis not only introduced but led a successful mindfulness program at Cisco but embodies it as the example of a mindful leader."

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