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Join this highly curated 4-week virtual course.


Pulled from 15+ years studying mindfulness and 12+ years in sales, this program is how I was able to achieve an average 140% of plan for over a decade despite a recession, 3 different sales roles as an early in career millennial and working in “you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” New York City. 

How it Works

  • Weekly Training: each Monday, a new training video will be posted introducing the weekly focus. This is a recording accessible anytime anywhere in the online learning platform.

  • Daily Content: every day you will "check in" with the group and an accountability partner to let us know you practiced and to receive additional content.

  • 24/7 Support: use the platform to get support from myself and peers. Live Q&A sessions via video will be posted throughout the training. 

Each week, you receive a video training that includes:

  • a proven mindful sales methodology that is science backed

  • practical actions and steps you can take today

  • a mindfulness practice that anyone can do

  • reference material, exercises and handouts. 


The Mindful Seller

performance + wellbeing

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what We'll cover:

Session 1: Reduce the Sales Cycle

47% of the day, our mind wanders. Learn how to conquer your mind to get more done in less time.  

Session 2: Attract New Clients

Learn how to acquire new clients faster through self-awareness techniques

that work. 

Session 3: Secure Repeat Business

Never miss your commit again. Learn the science behind your state of mind and how it affects client loyalty and trust.

Session 4: Consistently Hit Stretch

Get off the hamster wheel, learn how to create 

opportunities instead of competing to deliver solutions. 

Clarence, Sales Engineering

The first exercise won me over. It showed how inefficient we are at multi-tasking.  Mindfulness takes you to another level of concentration where tasks are focused on and efficiency is achieved. Alexis is a master at the technique and won over a bunch of skeptics (including me) at Cisco. Alexis's program will drive productivity and efficiencies for individuals and organizations.

Scott, Account Manager

  Alexis's mindfulness programs were taken up across the sales team. 
This focus on mindful leadership - taking time to focus on priorities, avoid distraction, and be present - paid huge dividends. It allowed us as sales people to plan more effectively and get more out of our meetings, both internally and with customers. I still use today to ensure I’m getting the most out of my work. 

Richard, Account Manager 

Alexis's mindfulness program was an opportunity to not only enhance your emotional state but your sales performance as well.  This mentality has enabled me to effectively manage my emotional state especially in high-stress environments - a critical skill in high-stakes negotiations. 

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