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corporate programs for performance + wellbeing

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Learn techniques that literally restructure the brain to increase productivity, presence, leadership and performance.  

Corp Training

Corp Training

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Each session includes: 

  • proven mindfulness techniques that are science backed

  • practical actions and steps you can take today

  • a mindfulness practice that anyone can do

  • reference material, exercises and handouts 


what We'll cover:

"This is the only program we've ever gotten a 100% survey feedback stating it was a good use of time and they would recommend to a  colleague."

Session 1:


47% of the day, our mind wanders. Learn how to conquer your mind to get more done in less time.  

Session 2: Executive Presence 

Learn how to walk into a room and make an impact through self-awareness techniques

that work. 

Session 3: 

Mindful Leadership

Be asked to take leadership roles,

instead of competing for them through compassionate leadership. 

Session 4:

Consistent Performance

Stop the anxiety and constant mind chatter through easy techniques

Sara Reed picture FY15.jpg

Sara Stuart, Cisco World Wide Data Center Leader

"She introduced mindfulness to the organization as a way to positively performance, but it ended up impacting much more. As a new leader and influencer on a global virtual team, I was able to become a much more effective leader and teammate by reducing stress and helping me focus on impactful priorities, despite all the fire drills."

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 10.28.01

Cameron Trace, Account Manager 

"As a millennial who is starting my career, I was lucky to have started with a company that gave me the opportunity to explore mediation as a way to slow down and become more productive. Alexis Pokorny is one of the few who understands how to articulate the benefits of mindfulness and how they can be applied off the cushion and in the workplace." 


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