The Membership

Creating your New Normal

Monthly Coaching & curated content

We understand the realities of stressful work + fast-paced cultures to help you go from:

  • Burnout to Balance through our Flow/Go Method

  • Overwhelm to Presence through Mindfulness

  • Resentment to fulfillment through trusting your Intuition

  • Stuck to Joy through Coherence

In this  Monthly Membership you receive monthly training, meditations, exclusive step by step tools to

have a balanced, fulfilled, productive and aligned career. 

We get it, some workplaces are toxic but you'll have a coach, information, inspiration,  accountability as you move towards a new normal.

In addition, you'll receive FREE access to our exclusive 20-hour Work Week Course where you will learn our specific and proven methods with the added bonus of being held accountable to create change through reminders and support. 


Join us, Let's Create Your New Normal

We get it, its hard to make changes when you're burned out and not sure where to go. 

We Teach: we provide you with a specific method tools, skills, knowledge to beat burnout, forever. 

We Remind: once you learn the tools we hold you accountable through 'check ins' and keep you on track so you eventually don't need us. 

We Empower: you'll learn our specific method and how the brain + body work so you can feel better fast and take control of your reactions. 

We Support: workplaces can be toxic, so join our inspiring and uplifting community of professionals who operate from a different place.  


Let me introduce you to

the Membership


An affordable, convenient and comprehensive online monthly membership that hands you applicable actions and accountability to go from where you are today, to where you want to be.


 I’ve designed everything in the membership so that it’s easy and quick to access and use, and even if you only devote a couple of hours a month to it, you’ll be amazed at how different you will feel. 

I give you proven how to's so you can stop wasting your time repeating strategies that don’t stick while you learn at your own pace and at your convenience. Each month you’ll receive brand new material and each week you’ll receive reminders and additional content to integrate your new skills into your workday.

It's the next best thing to having your own coach - affordable and accessible 24/7.


The Monthly Membership

at a Glance

Monthly Curriculum


Each month, we’ll have a focus area related to professional development.

Monthly Meditations

Each month, learn a new meditation+ why it works. You can practice the meditation as often as you want, and you’ll always have access to past meditations, too.

Monthly Live Online Trainings

Live online training for members only. Every month you’ll learn how to integrate proven tools and techniques into your workday. You no longer need to figure it all out. .


Check In

We have a proven method and every week you'll get reminders to stay on track. They are part inspiration and part action. 

Commuter Content

In addition to the monthly content you also get curated content (videos/podcasts/articles/exercises) from experts, researchers and my favorite lecturers to help you explore and learn more about that month’s skill.

24/7 Support

Connect through the online platform where you can ask questions, share your story and be motivated by others.

"I believed that arriving home at the end of the day with an empty tank and the bumper falling off was normal. 

...its not. 

And now I use the method to have a completely different experience. "

Tripp Williamson, CEO of Cropbox

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