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The Membership

Creating your New Normal

Monthly Coaching & Conscious Circling

Intro to the Membership

Intro to the Membership

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Have you 'checked all the boxes' but still feel like you are grinding it out?


This Membership is about creating change.

Big Change. Small Change. Inner Change. Outer Change. 

It isn’t just talking about how to change, and it’s also not brute force.



We give the tools, the support and the accountability to get out of the grind and into the flow of your life. In this Membership you receive: 

We get it, some workplaces are toxic but you'll have a coach, a supportive group of peers, and accountability as you move towards a new normal.


Join us, Let's Create Your New Normal

We get it, its hard to make changes when you're burned out and not sure where to go. 

We Teach: we provide you with a specific method, tools, skills, and knowledge to beat burnout, forever. 


We Empower: you'll learn our specific method and how the brain + body work so you can feel better fast and take control of your reactions. 

We Support: workplaces can be toxic, so join our two live conscious circles a month. (2nd + 4th Thursday of the month) to connect and be supported by a community of peers.  


Let me introduce you to

the Membership


An affordable, convenient and comprehensive online membership that hands you applicable actions, a support system and accountability to go from where you are today, to where you want to be.


 You will be amazed at how different you will feel. 

I give you proven how to's so you can stop wasting your time repeating strategies that don’t stick while you learn at your own pace and at your convenience. Each month you’ll receive brand new content to integrate into your workday.

It's the next best thing to having your own coach - affordable and accessible 24/7.


The Membership

at a Glance

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 A recording will be sent out so you can consume when it's most convenient. 

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Exclusive Tools

Learn new mediations and workplace techniques to integrate into your day.  

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2 Conscious Circles

Join two circles a month to access a community of peers for connection, support and accountability. 

"I got more out of a 60 minute conscious circle than the  past 12 months of executive coaching." 

- a happy member

Experienced the trial and know you want to join?

Please click below to subscribe for a quarterly commitment of $300

(You will be. billed $300 prior to every quarter, no refunds but you can cancel at anytime.)

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