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Do you Mindfully Produce or Create?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

“I’ve hit a stretch for the past ten years. I’ve gotten a promotion every two years. I’ve got over a million in cash, drive a luxury car and am about to buy a beach house. “

And the same person says:

· I’m burned out.

· All I do is hustle.

· I don’t have it left in me.

· I’m bored and miserable and all I do is work.

I’ve worked with many high performers who are functioning above average but are overwhelmed, burned out, unfulfilled and have very little resiliency.

They function at a high level of 'grinding it out'.

…And there is usually one very big reason why.

Most of us have become skilled at producing, but you’re missing creating.


Producing is result-oriented, but creating is process-oriented. Producing is typically a response to stress but creating is for the joy of it.

So many of us are hitting our goals, but we’re up late at night, working on the weekends, and can’t remember the last vacation we took where we didn’t “check in.”

Essentially, we’re doing tasks that we don’t feel internally passionate towards. Instead we’re motivated by external pressures like guilt, shoulds, and ought too’s.

Producing is all about the “doing” or results, but creating is about “being” and how you feel while doing something. If you read my book or have taken my training, you know I’m all about the balance of doing AND being.

They both have a place.

But this is really hard for the mind to grasp, because when we get into a stress response the reptilian brain turns on and signals to us to DO as much as possible to mitigate risk and uncertainty.

Creating is a positive stress response and in fact, increases our resilience when we can tap back into a greater purpose or feel joy from something you are doing.

And it says:

· Ignore the fact you hate managing people because your team’s performance is on track for the year.

· Ignore that you hate working in pharmaceuticals because you’re on track for a promotion.

· Ignore you would rather be home more with you kids because you can buy that beach house in two years.

I’m not talking about blowing up you career or quitting your job. I am talking about being mindful about where you are putting your energy and consciously choosing how to spend your day.


Because when we focus just on the results each month, quarter, or year it will take more and more energy for you to do the same thing. (I know there are many of you that resonate with this).

I don’t know about you, but being increasingly unproductive at something you don’t enjoy sounds like a terrible career choice.

Essentially you will become less and less productive… and really have to start grinding it out.

1. So I ask you to pause, check-in and ask yourself:

  • Where am I spending my time? (Producing, creating, or a nice balance of the two?)

  • How do I create more balance?

2. Next start color coding your calendar. Code meetings or block times for 'creating' (this could be fun brainstorming or strategizing).

My most successful clients are the ones that understand that you need both producing and creating for consistent long-term performance.


Want support with the above tool? Reach out for a FREE 30-minute coaching call.

Feel like you or your organization help increasing productivity and resilience in your employees? I work with both 1:1 and corporate clients to help increase performance and wellbeing through my proven Performance-Based Mindfulness methodology.


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