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Want to create an event your audience will thank you forever?


From small group workshops, to public presentations for over 60,000 corporate employees Open Deltas couples entertaining heart-felt anecdotes as a corporate leader with over 15 years of studying mindfulness in real world practical terms that hit home for all. 


  • Presentations are one-of-a-kind, highly interactive and provide actionable steps. 

  • Information is all science backed and research based.

  • Our hands on exercises leave people talking for months (and years) afterward.

  • We have addressed audiences from 5-70,000 in person and over video.

  • We seek to learn your culture and goals, then customize a presentation to suit your needs.

"Profoundly impacted by the 'Myths of Multitasking' workshop we had. Now I understand the neuroscience,  I am much more productive because the Daily Deltas Method."  

Karen Lemire, Cisco Sales VP

Sample Topics


The Myths of Multitasking

Intuition: your shortcut to success 

Mindfulness for Performance + Wellbeing

Mastering Digital Distraction

The Mindful Seller 

The Age of Emojis: Understanding Your Millennial Workforce

The Mindful Leader: excel though change, distractions + hyper growth

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