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The Retreat

There is a place, on the coastline , where the dramatic cliffs meet the ocean.

Where rolling hills of farmland comfort the eyes, the warm sun wraps you like a blanket just out of the dryer, and crisp clean air reminds you you're alive .

Where being taken care of and reconnecting with yourself is the only thing on your agenda. And where you finally have the time and space, to learn a new way of being. A more mindful and regenerative way of living. A more focused way of being.

The Retreat, is a weekend retreat for professionals, where you will experience some of the most rejuvenating time, techniques,  cuisine, yoga + spa rituals of your life.

Join me for a weekend of renewal, reconnection + detoxing as you learn century's old techniques.  To say I’m excited is the understatement of the century.


You need to be there with me.



  • 2 nights of lodging

  • local organic "detox" meals

  • morning pilates/yoga

  • mindfulness training

  • detox baths and self care

  • farm tour

  • hikes

  • nightly yoga nidra +sound baths

  • forest bathing

  • massage

transportation not included & booked separately. 




Luxury Modern Farm House in Sonoma County.This amazing, 4,000 sq ft newly-built home is 3 miles from the coast in the midst of a working goat/sheep dairy and farmstead creamery.


Unique house with views from every room. Sweeping porch to sit and watch the workings of the farm, garden, or simply take a hike around the 160 organic acres.


Between sessions, enjoy the hot tub or detox baths for a truly restorative weekend. 


Fresh local organic detox includes:

  • 2 breakfasts

  • 2 lunches

  • 2 dinners

  • unlimited herbal detox teas

Eggs and Cheese from farm will be in fridge upon arrival. You can help yourself to veggies and herbs in the garden for cooking (season dependent) as well as spices, olive oil, tea and coffee in pantry. 

The Retreat

Sample Pricing = $1500 

Value:over $3000

Highly curated weekend Includes:

Lodging = $700

Detox(meals)= $700

Mindfulness Training = $1000

Farm Tour = $50

Massage = $200

Morning Yoga/Pilates = $100

Nightly Sound Bath = $100

Channeled Reading = $300

Tea Ceremony = $50

Hot Tub/Self Care Rituals = $50

No responsibilities for 2 days = PRICELESS

  • You'll learn mindfulness techniques, an education we all ought to have received. 

  • You'll be nourished from catered meals, yoga/pilates, meditation and of course, scheduled self care dates with yourself.

  • You will have no responsibilities. While you're off hiking or taking a dip in the hot tub, I'll be taking care of all the details.

  • You'll have my intuition, wisdom + full attention. Your questions will be answered. Your life force will be stoked.

  • You'll find the soaring intersection of doing + being. And stay there.

  • You will feel nourished, uplifted and transformed.





The benefits of immersions are you that you have the opportunity to dive deep,

without distractions and form new beliefs and habits.

When you step back into your daily routine, you embody these new behaviors.

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