Out of the Grind

and Into the Flow

a must have for Professionals in 2020
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Realizing the old, tired formula for success no longer works for you? 

This is a tale of a corporate climber who let go of the beloved ‘Myths’. The myths which lead to personal burnout and business impact that harms the greater good. 

Things need to change and it starts with you. 

Written by a former sales leader in a Fortune 50 company who was recognized as a top 1% performer for over a decade while only working 20 hours a week, this book calls out the ‘Myths’ and provides practical steps to help you increase:


  • Productivity: master a 20-hour work week through specific time and energy techniques. 

  • Consistent Performance: learn a mindfulness technique that literally restructures your brain for focus and concentration by practicing 10 minutes a day for 2 weeks. 

  • Career Satisfaction: never feel “stuck” again, develop your intuition to speed and improve decision making by over 60%. 

  • Meaningful Impact: increase your ability to bring teams together to produce a positive outcome over 70% of the time. 

This is a how-to guide for you. 

This is a rally call to get out of the grind and into the Flow

Are you ready to answer it? 


Bonus Videos

Chapter One:The SIT Practice

Alexis Pokorny
Chapter One:The SIT Practice
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Book Introduction

Book Introduction

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Chapter One:The SIT Practice

Chapter One:The SIT Practice

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Chapter Four: The Yes/No Practice

Chapter Four: The Yes/No Practice

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I was hooked by the first chapter.