The Field Fifteen

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Between stress eating and steak dinners, the "Field Fifteen" is a real thing for most sales professionals.

I've witnessed some interesting strategies to keep the weight off. Some subside only on black coffee, avoid carbs (except drinks at happy hour), CrossFit at 5am, and I've heard some say they only eat red meat if its being paid for by their personal credit card.

While I've tried just about every diet and trained for two marathons, mindful eating is the most enjoyable and impactful lifestyle change I've ever made to keep the weight off.

Mindful eating illustrates this idea of slowing down and listening to our bodies, feelings, sensations, and thoughts to build self-awareness.

Follow these Mindful Eating rules for a week:

  1. Only eat when hungry.

  2. Chew all food slowly without distractions. Deliberately sense the taste and texture.

  3. Stop eating when you start to feel full.

  4. Keep a food journal and write down what was eaten. Two hours later, note how that food made you feel.

Within a week, most experience profound revelations that contradict major food trends. For instance, you might find that eating fruit (which has been banded from most diets due to high sugar) actually makes you energized and less hungry throughout the day.

As you become more self-aware you will see and feel physical changes.

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