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The 20-Hour Work Week

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Do you want a 20-hour work week? (rhetorically question maybe?)

Most of us think we work the 40-hour work week… But in actuality we are working 60+. 

How, you might ask?

It’s simple.

Count all that time you are sitting on the sofa checking your mail, or weekends at the kids’ games answering emails. Or even count the five minutes you were “jumping” on to do one last thing that turned into two hours.

I’ve been there too, but I’d never last too long. Every time I overworked, I’d end up with strep throat.

It was like clockwork. Overworked? Strep throat.

Outside of getting sick, my performance was also lacking as I focused on doing everything instead of the right things.

So, I created a Performance-Based Mindfulness program and started implementing it into my life.

And it transformed my performance (results + well-being) by helping me stop believing in The Myths and start performing better by how I structured my day, how I was able to focus and discern what needed to get done when. Because I was working a 20-hour work week, I had time to get a Pilates certification, become a nutritionist and health coach and even start a fulfilling side hustle.

The next year, I overachieved all of my performance goals (162% to be exact). And yes, you guessed it: another year without strep throat. 

This happened for 12 years in a row. 

Simply said, this Performance-Based Mindfulness method works and the 20-Hour Work Week is the first step. The hallmark of my 20-hour Work Week course, and the foundations of our Performance Based Mindfulness method is the Daily Deltas.

When I would mentor people, the 20-hour Work Week method is the plan I would give them… 

And then when I started my own business, I used this method to create a six-figure business while planning a wedding, moving into my dream house, getting my permaculture design certification and becoming an activist

This course was created for the professional who feels like they are always working and getting nothing done. We go into the neuroscience behind the Myth of Multitasking so you can understand how the brain works, and optimize your day, week, month and year for performance and well-being. 

We literally give you the steps and the reasons behind them so you can work less, get more done

… and feel awesome all the time.

Welcome to your new normal. 

Contact us today to learn about our life-changing programs.


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