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The Challenge

  • Distraction: 47% of the day, your employees minds are wandering and they are distracted.

  • Turnover: in stressful/client facing occupations, the average employee leaves the job after only a year costing on average $100k+.

  • Health: Healthcare costs, depression and loneliness continue to climb.

  • Disengagement: 70% of employees are disengaged and competition for talet is fierce.

The Solution

  • Productivity: Mindfulness strengthens our ability to focus and concentrate by activating and strengthen the neocortex. Just 10 minutes a day for 2 weeks show biomarkers for neurological impact. 

  • Turnover:   Mindfulness activates the brain region associated with more adaptive responses to stressful or negative situations and faster recovery to baseline after being negatively provoked.

  • Health: mindfulness is a proven tool to increased immune functioning and improve well-being. Ford used a mindfulness program to reduce its disability and healthcare costs.  

  • Relevancy: Mindfulness has grown to a $1.1b industry and most large Fortune 100 companies are offering programs 

Aetna’s Mindfulness ROI: $3,000 per employee per year


Meditating employees gained an average of 62 minutes of productivity per person per week, or $3,000 per employee per year.


28% reduction in stress levels

20% improvement in steep quality

19% reduction in pain

The Results


How to start, run and measure your mindfulness program


Proven programs customized for your workplace


 Entertaining presentations that drive results

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