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10 Mins in the Morning for 10x Performance

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

We are all dealing with a dramatic increase in information to process and a lack of balance between short term results versus thoughtful strategy. One solution to these problems that I offer are daily “Board Meetings.”

What are Board Meetings?

I refer to my morning mindfulness practice as my Board Meeting, and I attend them every morning for 10 to 15 minutes because it sets up the rest of my day for success. Mindfulness is simply focused attention and awareness which can be practiced formally through a form of mediation that has been proven by research to actually change the structure of our brain and how we process information and feelings.

Why is it Important for Business?

Do you ever forget the conversation you just had? Are you not sure how you got to work this morning because you drove on autopilot?

There are no side effects to becoming mindful, well, except for actually being more aware, present, focused, happier, and less stressed.

Due to sensory overload, we are taxing our sympathetic nervous system, and this puts us in constant state of “survival” or fight-or-flight. This is a great mode to be in if you are being chased by bears, but it is ridiculous when you’re working in a temperature-controlled office, trying to lose weight because you have the luxury of eating too much.

Am I right?

Research supports that building a mindfulness practice positively impacts cognitive function, improving memory, concentration, reaction rates, creativity, innovation, and performance.

In a study by INSEAD Business School, it was reported that practicing mindfulness, for just 15 minutes a day, lead to an increase in rational thinking when making business decisions.

LEADERSHIP: Mindful leaders have better relationships because they are fully present, which makes others feel respected and valued. They show employees how they are empathic by providing support and inspiration, creating environments of trust, and giving thoughtful feedback.

PRODUCTIVITY: It teaches us how to focus and strengthen our brain’s “attention” muscles. Mindfulness practices promote creative thinking by stimulating our divergent thinking, helping us to generate more ideas and solutions.

TEAMS: Mindfulness positively impacts teamwork because it increases our emotional intelligence and our ability to connect. We are able to be present as well as recognize and understand other’s emotions. Mindful teams can relate and respect one another because they are being consciously empathetic.

How to Develop a Practice?

A basic concentration practice involves simply focusing on the breath. As distractions come into the mind, without judgement return your focus back to the sensation of the breath.

Research shows that only 10 minutes a day can lead to significant benefits.

We understand the value of keeping our bodies healthy, even though we aren't constantly engaged in physical acitivity; so, why is it hard to find just 10 mintues to take care of our brains, which we use 100% of the time?

Inspired? Try it every morning this week and post your reactions #BoardMeeting #OpenDeltas

Intrigued? Join my 4-week course to learn 10-minute mindfulness practices that you can implement today and use for the rest of your life.


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