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Mindful or Mindless Leader?

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Are you a macromanager or micromanager?

Technology has made us more interconnected on a global level than ever before.

And yet, our organizations do not harness the true connection that we seek. Employee disengagement is at 70%, voluntary turnover rates have increased, and company lifespans are decreasing.

Disengagement and turnover are expensive.

In a study by SHRM, it costs 6 to 9 months of an employee’s salary to find and train their replacement. This means it could cost a company $50,000- 70,000 to replace a $100,0000 salaried employee. CEB reports that, on average, recruiting teams take 62% longer (or five more weeks) to fill seats than they did just five years ago.

Early in my leadership career, an employee who resigned sent me the link to an article called “why employees leave managers and not companies.”


That was a painful but memorable “learning moment.”

But it’s true, our immediate boss can make a big impact on our workplace experience. Today, leadership is characterized by managers. These “fearless” employees lead with a title and their ego and usually use two tried and true tactics:

1. Micromanaging: manager’s meddling in employees affairs

2. Macromanaging: top-down management by out-of-touch leaders

Mindful leadership helped me transform into a completely different kind of leader - one that went from 80% turnover to 0%.

Mindful leadership is about being engaged and building connections so individuals can self-organize. They truly listen to employees (mindful listening) to facilitate change, recognizing that self-organizing communities and open-source leadership models thrive in environments where the pace of change can be slowed down by traditional top-down/centralized leadership.

Mindful leadership is extremely important because one size does not fit all, and our corporate communities are getting more diverse. For instance, while Millennials value support, appreciation, and flexibility, leaders must recognize the needs of non-Millennials to be paid competitively and the prestige of new opportunities or promotions.

So, what can leaders do?

We need to strengthen our ability to be more self-aware(are you a micro or macro managing), mindful listening, be compassionate and empathize while holding our teams accountable.

But how do we do this when we have a million things blowing up at once?

Use the "Triple A" method from week 4 of my on demand program:

· Acknowledge: be present and acknowledgewhat you feel

· Action: schedule time to take a specific action if you can make an impact

· Accept: accept the situation, let it go and move your energy to a high impact activity if you can’t make an impact

Remember…employees leave managers and not companies and you are one mindful moment away from bringing out the best in your team.

Want support with the above tool? Reach out for a FREE 30-minute coaching call.

Feel like you or your organization need help increasing productivity and resilience within your employees? I work with both 1:1 and corporate clients to help increase performance and wellbeing through my proven Performance-Based Mindfulness methodology.


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