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Better than a FITBit.

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

I traveled to a conference in Miami, drove a rental car to Tampa where I spent the night with my sister, then proceeded to fly to Dallas to I present for a client, all within 48 hours. Then, found myself on a flight back to San Francisco four hours later.

I couldn’t find my FitBit when I got home. Based off the pictures from my presentations, I had it on up until my last flight.

I was devastated.

How was I going to get my steps in, stay hydrated, get enough sleep and stay under my calorie targets?!

I searched everywhere.

Then, I became desperate and started blaming my husband (duh).

I couldn’t count my steps without my FitBit. Instead of moving around because my watch told me to, I scheduled performance breaks and started taking 25-minute walks several times throughout the day.

Surprisingly, those breaks and walks became something I looked forward to rather then something I had to do.

And, no more tracking towards my goal of 64 ounces of water. I just started drinking water only when I was thirsty. Shockingly, I noticed I needed more water in the morning, which meant I slept through the night without waking up for bio-breaks.

I started eating slower and stopping when I noticed I was full because I couldn’t count calories anymore. Turns out, I needed a lot more food then I was “letting myself.” When I started eating more, I stopped craving dessert after dinner.

I felt great and forgot all about my Fitbit. A few months later, I put on my jacket to take an early morning walk

… I found my beloved FitBit! I realized I took it off during my last TSA check. (Yet, I still blame my husband.)

It was dead …but I decided to not charge it and instead, I listed it on eBay.


I realized that although I teach mindfulness, I was not actually living it. I was using a tool to tell me how I much to exercise, to drink, and eat… when all along I had these innate skills with in me.

I was simply “too busy” to be self-aware and to listen to the signals my body was already sending me.

The best part: being self aware is free, matches all my outfits and doesn't need to be charged.

However, you can loose it.

Join the Monthly Membership to take the Body Awareness Bootcamp that will make you quit all diets or strict exercise programs and feel the best you’ve ever felt.

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