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Coaching Curious?

Coaching focuses on helping you achieve your future goals, while therapy tends to help you work through the past.

I have a therapist, in fact I’ve been working with her on and off for years. She’s helped me process and navigate some big challenges I’ve had during break ups, growing up with divorced parents…the microaggressions and trauma of being a female in a patriarchal society.

I have also had coaches throughout my career. They have helped me stay focused on my goals and acquire/develop the right skills or habits when necessary to achieve them. They have helped me get career promotions, develop the plan to start my business (and keep me only working 20 hours a week), and today I’m working with one to create more joy in my life post-Covid/new baby isolation.

Therapist are accredited mental health professionals, coaches – well, it’s a little like the wild west out there…

· Some went through a coaching program but have no life experience.

· Some don’t even have coaching training but have tons of valuable life experience.

Because of this, it's incredibly important that you understand this persons process, actual experience and personality.

And in case you are wondering... I’ve been coaching since 2008. First, through a two year certificate as a holistic health coach, then collecting two more coaching certificates (in mindfulness and leadership) over the past 14 years. I also have experience as a leader in a fortune 50 company where I had direct employees as well has mentored 37 people over 8 years.

What are my recommended steps for a successful coaching relationship?

1. ASESSS: Start where you are. You can’t go anywhere without assessing where are first. This can be done in many ways and styles through a circle of life wheel, lists or ranking areas of your life. (I provide the flow/go strategy in my book)

2. VISION: Create a vision. Where do you want to be in a year (or any timeline that feels right to you). Again, this can be done in many styles and directions like a vision board with visuals or with written form.

3. INSIGHTS: ID the Blocks, Skills Needed and Strengths. It’s so helpful to have insights on how you work (or maybe don’t work so well) so you can ask for support in the right places or learn new habits/skills.

4. PLAN: Create the plan in steps. Focus on ONE step at a time. This can be a master plan or even a session by session plan depending on the person, situation or goal.

5. Accountability and Support: this most critical step. Most of us can easily do the above when we are in great pain over a situation. It’s the continuous execution after lose momentum that is critical.

PRO TIP: This is really what you are paying for, to keep your focus and prioritize this goal. I prepay for the year and see her the 2nd Tuesday of every month. And guess what? I always hit or exceed my goals.

Close to burn out?

Thinking about Coaching with me?

See what some of my clients have to say:

Going into my work with Alexis, I could not have conceptualized that a 20-hour work week was possible. I’m a type-A, overachiever executive, and “go” mode is the only mode I’ve known. While I was skeptical as to whether it was possible, I was at such a burnout point when I met Alexis, so I was open, and listening. I’m struggling to put words around the experience, and where I find myself now. The one word I keep coming back to is transformational. I’m thriving at work, and on the home front, and most importantly, I feel I have the tools I need to sustain it. Alexis, you are a gift, and I’m so incredibly grateful!

- Kristin, VP of People

Before working with Alexis, I was challenged with a heavy workload in which I was finding a difficult time in managing and balancing. Working with Alexis led to a clear and actionable path forward that has provided me with the ability to more efficiently manage my team, clients, and personal life. She saved me from burnout, truly providing me the tools I needed to focus on prioritizing the work that best serves my business and family. Can’t thank you enough, Alexis!

- Maureen, CEO

My experience working with her exceeded all of my expectations. She didn’t roll out a standard program for me to follow, but rather took the time to get to know me, understand what it was that I wanted to accomplish, and what worked best for me from a learning perspective. She is an exceptional communicator and listener. The bottom line is Alexis just “gets it”. She taught me more than I expected to learn.

- Todd, Sales Executive

Across the board, I’ve heard feedback that between inflation and the potential recession (job security) many of my clients are facing stress and financial hardships.

Coaching is a joy for me and is a useful tool for many of you. This year, I have been blessed with many corporate clients, I want to pay it forward…

WHAT: I’m reducing my coaching rates to $100 for a 50-minute session.

HOW: This means we can do spot coaching (one session at a time) or you can buy a pack of 12 to develop your year plan then meet monthly to keep you on track.

When: a limited time. It’s easy: Buy your sessions now and you have a year to schedule them via my Calendly link, (must give 12 hour notice to reschedule).

How much time and energy would spend to keep

your sanity and achieve your goals?

My offering is now extremely flexible, we can talk one time, once a month, twice a month or go through one of my more formal coaching programs… its all up to YOU!


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