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Mindful Morning: Bridgette Corridan

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Bridgette Corridan is the Head of Field Talent Acquisition for Athleta, a company whose mission – “To ignite a community of active, healthy, confident women and girls who empower each other to realize their limitless potential” – is what inspires her every day.  In her late thirties, she started writing and recording music ( that spoke to her personal journey and she is reveling in her current state where being her whole self (mom, singer, songwriter, yogi, businessperson, etc.)  is actively welcomed in her job.  She is passionate about coaching and creating environments that allow this freedom for everyone!

I have found that when I take the time to be mindful I feel more grounded, grateful and full of joy.

So you would think that I would regularly fit it in, right?

Unfortunately, my to-do list is long and the pace of my life is fast and being mindful can get lost in all of that. But today I decided to make an intention – a simple intention to start my day – and see if focusing on that throughout my day might allow me more peace.

So I decided to smile.

Today is my son’s 8thbirthday and I woke up early and headed to the store to buy ingredients for a healthy snack for his birthday treat at school. I feel the hurry and worry creeping in – “is this treat a good one?”, “will the kids like it?”, “are we going to be late?” – and then I remember to smile.

I smile at a women in the frozen food section, it grounds me. I smile and chat with the checker, it fills me with joy and I walk slower and really smile at the people I pass on the way back out to my car.

I start to feel better.

Once I get home, I'm hurrying. Make the snack, pack lunches, and eat my own breakfast, and yell, “let’s go guys – did you brush your teeth? – do you have a sweatshirt? – we’re going to be late!”

Then as I am ready to pull quickly out of my driveway, I remember to smile.

I look at both of my boys, smile, and tell them I love them. I slowly back out and drive to school. I try to catch as many parents and kids eyes as I can walking into school and I smile at each and every one of them. I notice that smiling – authentically smiling – at another human keeps me in the moment.

Then I drive in traffic to San Francisco during rush hour and I try to let people merge into my lane while smiling – I did okay with this one😊.

I stop for coffee on my way into the city, smile a grateful smile for my delicious latte and put on my makeup in the Peet’s parking lot.

Once I get to the city, I walk 2 blocks to my office and I realize that if I look at my phone while I am walking – which I regularly do – I won’t be able to catch anyone’s eyes and smile at them.

So I put my phone away and try to smile at everyone. And while many people did not return my gaze – those that did, smiled back.

And as I enter my office I catch myself in the mirror and I smile at me. I see the woman who tries her hardest to be kind, truthful and loving. Who succeeds some of the time and fails a lot and deserves a smile as much as anyone else.

And I realize while my life & schedule may not allow me to meditate for hours every day – being present enough to smile myself through my day is enough.


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