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Mindful Selling

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Why is it dead?

Possibly, because the funnel uses a linear approach as John Dick says “funnels loose the energy you put into them once you reach the bottom… Funnels produce customers, but don’t consider how those customers can help you grow. And all the momentum you built acquiring that customer? Gone. Each day, each month, and each quarter, we have to start new.”

We’ve fully embracing subscription models or SAAS models for a while now.

And it’s time that sales skills and core values of a salesperson catch up.

In this new model, we’re discussing the sales person who truly understands their client’s goals and challenges. This way, they can provide them with a solution that will meet expectations over the long-term.

This means having an ongoing relationship with the client.

How many of us truly take the time before prospecting? What about entering meetings and actually imagine what it’s like to be in our customers shoes?

The best sales people I knew were ones that practice mindful listening. They listened to their clients without thinking about what they were going to say next. They actually responded to what was happening in the present moment.

They also envisioned themselves in the shoes of their customers, to the point where people would question who they actually worked for.

And it didn’t matter if they were a hunter or a farmer.

As a hunter, your time is extremely valuable. You need to be able to qualify if you can solve a customer’s challenge or goal as soon as possible. Are you a valuable resource for your prospective client?

If yes, then why/how from their perspective.

If no, then it’s not a valuable use of time for either of you.

As a farmer, you need to ensure you hear your customers’ needs and feedback in every single interaction. This ensures you are meeting expectations, anticipating their needs or identifying challenges for repeat business.

When I was younger, I told people I was a salesperson and my only saving grace what that I was not a lawyer.

Let’s all agree that the traditional sales funnel or “churning and burning” through clients is dead.

And let’s bury that sleazy salesman with it.

Want to become a mindful seller? Need to build more resiliency in the face of uncertainty or stress? Contact me for a FREE 30 minute coaching call


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