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Mindful Mornings: Mikki Cardoza, CEO

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

I intentionally avoid following a routine. Not having an order is important to me. I want my brain to control the morning, rather than my body habits. I learned from Dr. Joe Dispenza that we are so inclined toward routines that we actually do things “by habit.” That being said, our body knows what to do, so we sleep walk through our routines. I want to be in control and show my body that the brain directs, not the body.

However, I do intentionally take time for “me” in the early morning.

Wake Up. Typically, I naturally rise at about 5 A.M.. I always set my alarm the night before for a later time in the morning, depending on how early my appointments start. This assures that I won’t oversleep, and it is okay if I need more time sleeping. I like to wake slowly when I wake up to ensure my puppy is still sound asleep. Then, I quietly sneak out of the bedroom.

I make sure I do the following, but not in any solid order:

I drink hot lemon water. The lemons are very important. I am blessed with organic Meyer lemons from my mother-in-law’s yard. I read that this cleanses the liver and balances our alkalinity.. Alkalinity is closely related to overall gut health, which is important to our well-being as humans. However, I am not exactly sure what it does... but I seem to be addicted. I notice that it helps keep my hair and nails strong. And it’s worse than coffee if I miss it.

Think Time. I consider my morning while I sip my lemon water. I might put the dog out, read the paper, or journal/calendar my day. It’s my “think time.” It’s quiet and still dark; t’s time to make an intent and then plan accordingly. I don’t spend more than 15 minutes doing this, though.

Meditation. Then, I will either go to the sauna to meditate or sit in my favorite chair in the living room. I LOVE to meditate. I love to feel weightless and enter deep inside into the outer universe. I watch the thoughts and gratitude go by in my head. I prefer to mediate for an hour. However, I’ll do at least 25 minutes if I slept in or feel short on time. I alter it quite frequently. Usually, I will listen to tracks by Dr. Joe Dispenza, guided meditation from HeadSpace, or my favorite soft music albums. My days go so much better when I start this way.

Coffee. I will have some coffee after meditation. I might do more journaling, reading, or check in with social media. Although I mix it up regularly, I keep my intent for the day in front of me.

(Puppy) Love. Often, I will take 10-15 minutes to visit my husband while playing with my puppy or sipping on my coffee.

Prepare. I sprinkle in a day or two of yoga mornings. Afterwards, I shower pretty quickly. It takes me about 15 minutes to shower and get dressed. I don’t dry my hair or wear makeup. Then, I make breakfast, which is usually something with eggs and lettuce. I either eat deliberately or take breakfast with me in the car.

Walk the House. I pack my lunch and then “walk the house” to ensure I put things away and got what I need for my day. I kiss my husband and pet the dog They always deserve a kiss before leaving, no matter how late I may be. I leave for work most days about 8:30-9 A.M., except when early meetings for work.

Support. And then, one of the best habits of all, occurs on my way to work. I almost always call my mom.

Joy. As I walk into my office through the work door, I intentionally lift my head and shoulders. I enter with energy! I am here to work, get it done, and find joy in my day!


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