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Access any where, any time, any device. 

20-Hour Work Week

New York Office

This is the foundation course for our proven method. You'll learn proven Daily, Weekly, Monthly strategies to increase your productivity and wellbeing backed by neuroscience and mindfulness techniques.

Mastering Digital Distraction

Laptop and Diary Topview

Learn how technology is designed to distract you, tools to increase productivity with ease, decrease burnout, change your relationship with technology, and a mindfulness practice that literally restructures your brain for focus.

Mindfulness for Performance


In this course you'll learn mindfulness techniques that literally restructure the brain to increase productivity, presence, leadership and performance.

Out of the Grind, Into the Flow


Tired of grinding it out everyday?  Learn proven steps to connect, develop and work from your most optimized energy state so you can do less work and get more done. 

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