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The Best Mindfulness App

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Consistency is Key

It’s funny… when I started my four-week program offering, potential clients and others would always say, “that’s a big commitment” and “not sure I can invest that kind of time.”

After clients experience the four-week program (corporate or individual), the feedback I received was, “I wish this was longer.”

I also heard, “I need consistent support like this to help me break my bad habits” or “I need the accountability plus support to remind me to stay off my phone and stay in the present. I am clearly not getting this reinforcement during my workday.”

We know that science suggests that the way in which we use the brain is how it strengthens. This is through neuroplasticity and cortical thickening. By doing the same thing over and over again, we can facilitate development and strengthen our ability to do just about anything.

So, while taking a four-week course is great, it is your daily practice that leads to change…

Similarly, wearing yoga pants around all day doesn’t qualify as working out and downloading an app doesn’t qualify as practicing mediation.

Therefore, I’m releasing a new offering in September.

It’s called the The Membership and will cost you half of your monthly Starbucks addiction but will give you the tools to excel professionally and support to hold you accountable.

Through this program, I will help you set up your week, month, and quarter for professional success.


By breaking down the steps you need to take to be more productive based off neuroscience brain hacks and mindfulness tools. Every week you will get support and step-by-step “how-to’s.

This is not simply a program, this is how you build a habit that sticks.

And it’s the best next thing to having an individual, professional coach

... at ½ the price of your monthly Starbucks addiction.


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