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Chaos to Calm

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

I posted the below on LinkedIn thinking, “I hope I can do something to support my community of professionals during this time”


It's a crazy time and I am trying to do my part by providing clients with a free 50-minute webinar to help bring some calm to their employee population. 

In this 50-minute training your employees will learn:

· how stress impacts the body

· a mindfulness tool to regulate the nervous system

· a workplace technique to decrease stress and handle uncertainty 

(This is adapted from a $5,000+ corporate training).  

My only ask is that each person who attends pays it forward in your community to support low income families, small businesses, share a skill you have, donate to the food bank, or whatever feels best to you. 

Please message me if you are interested and provide me with a few dates/times that would work. 


Alexis Kahlow 


Low and behold, I had over 15 large organizations take me up on my offer, and below are just some of the ways people gave back in their communities:

  • One organization donated their NYC Office engagement budget ($15,000) to their local community to support Covid-19 front line workers.

  • Worked with Resurge, a non-profit, to help strategize training content for teaching doctors in developing regions how to provide low-cost COVIDcare to their communities. 

  • Donated to Off The Plate to support those affected by COVID. Offered to help those in my network support in connecting with recruiters/peers.

  • Donated to local business

  • Held weekly calls to support friends and peers who have been furloughed, laid off, graduating into this economy, etc.

  • Volunteered at a local start-up kombucha company a friend of mine started, delivered packages to 6 hospitals in Portland Metro

  • Supported local businesses that remain open

  • Helped with a resume building class; and delivered fresh produce to a food bank

  • Donated to charities

  • Worked locally with the Star Project taking part in group zoom discussions and 1:1 chats to ease loneliness/isolation.

  • Helped with dog walking and shopping for vulnerable members of the community. 

  • Worked with the No Neighbor Left Behind food delivery program delivering 100 meals 3 days a week to people in need

Right now, it’s so easy to get distracted with all the things to do, all of the news, all the things that ‘could’ happen. The key to getting out of the Grind and into the Flow is through our unique Performance-Based Mindfulness methods.

So how do I stay calm and on track?

I become a mindful observer of my feelings, and when I am ready to move into action, I use my MDS tool to do things that create impact and feel good.

Want support with the above tools? Reach out for a FREE 30-minute coaching call.

Feel like you or your organization help increasing productivity and resilience in your employees? I work with both 1:1 and corporate clients to help increase performance and wellbeing through my proven Performance-Based Mindfulness methodology.


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