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Out of the Grind, Into the Flow

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

At Open Deltas, we help professionals get out of the grind and into the flow.

So then, what is the 'grind' and the 'flow'?

By understanding both of these states, we can learn about the healthy habits us humans can benefit from mastering. 

What Is the Grind?

When in the grind state, everything is electric and tense. On edge. You need coffee to wake up and wine to wind down.

You know you are in the grind when your body is wound too tight for too long. It just doesn’t feel good. You’re easily tired, and even the smallest things irritate you.

In the grind we believe The Myths and rely on stupid grid to achieve our goals. Actually, we see every accomplishment as a goal to be crushed – and if we take any breaks then we are seen as weak or lazy, either to ourselves or to others. More often than not, these goals are not fulfilling… And yet, there is a lot of shame wrapped up in not achieving them.

In the grind we feel burned out, overwhelmed, unfulfilled and just plain STUCK. 

The grind leaves you with a list of “should’s.” “It’s 9pm but I should just answer this last email.” It leaves you unable to prioritize your needs… “After this quarter or this last project, I’ll start making my health a priority.”

You’re on your phone at 6am in bed, you work your 9-5… and again, you log on around 8pm after dinner or putting the kids to bed. Sleep does not come easily as you lay there thinking about work in bed.

Your phone is with you all hours of the day – yes, I’m talking to you, the bathroom stall texter who’s holding up the line or having conversations despite toilets flushing in the background!


Work on the weekends is a near constant occurrence and you get pissed off when you’re on vacation and there is a weak wifi signal. You are used the steady flow of adrenaline and honestly feel like something is “off” when you’re meant to relax. And finally, when you get home at the end of the week from your high-octane work environment, you don’t really know what you accomplished and yet you are exhausted. 

During a rare moment, you do pause to be present and in the moment you start to feel that uncomfortable feeling. It is a feeling of helplessness. You start to realize the money you have or the promotion you are on track for doesn’t make you happy. You start to realize you are burned out… Before you distract yourself with checking your phone again, that little whisper will come in and make itself known every now and then, reminding you that every moment is precious, making you ask yourself “why am I doing this?”

You distract yourself with social media or binge watch a series on Amazon Prime. 

There is a very big difference between getting a challenging new role at work where you feel like you are personally growing, and when you are in the same role and just given too much work/too much pressure and not aligned with a purpose. The grind is the feeling that you just need to suck it up and do it

… For one more day.

And that day turns into a week, which turns into a month, which turns into a year, and pretty soon you’re like a groundhog sticking their head above ground for a breather, asking “How did I get here?”

You know you are in the grind when it just doesn’t feel good. 

What Is Flow?

Flow: High achievement marked by periods of action and rest

You know you are in the flow because it just feels so darn GOOD!

In the flow, we work using the 20-hour Work Week method that creates ease and focus to your day. You work your 9-5 but most days you’ve wrapped up earlier than 5pm because you’ve planned out your day with periods of focused quality work. 

Because of your healthy habits, your sleep is on point, and this makes you that much more alive and effective. You enjoy lunch with co-workers with meaningful conversation as you mindfully eat your meal, even taking home some food because you know when you’ve had enough.

Some days are more high-energy than others, and that’s OK for you to honor that and allow it to run its course. By mid-afternoon, you’ve even taken a walk around the block listening to your favorite song. You’re shocked when you look up and it’s already 4pm, and you wish you had more time to work on this creative idea of yours. 

In the flow, you know there are periods of heavy action and execution followed by relaxation and rest… You are able to know when to press the gas and when to brake because they are equally important.

When people ask you how you are doing you respond with, “Life is full, but it’s full with things that are truly rewarding and I’m able to balance.”

In the flow, we are high achievers that fuel ourselves by focusing on performance and holistic well-being. In the flow, we rely on mindfulness, intuition and coherence to feel balanced, fulfilled and impactful. We get work done with ease. We are charismatic and fun to be around while also being highly functioning. We feel connected to our aligned actions and like we are living our purpose.

It is beautiful, and joyous and perfect.

You know you are in the flow when it feels good. 

The Myths that our society values and reinforces keeps us in the grind.

That’s why at Open Deltas we provide Performance-Based Mindfulness training (corporate programs and online courses) as well as coaching. We help you identify how the Myth’s are making grind, and we provide you with steps you can take to help you restructure your brain to work in the flow.

Contact us today to find out more about our life-changing programs.


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