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The Myth's that hold you back

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

I was stressed, burned out and constantly in “go” mode.

Then I realized something. I was not a machine.

We all want to make an impact, yet when it comes to the business environment, we often think of it as a hopeless place. We think we are a product of the big machine, and that we play by the machine’s rules; end of story. 

Guess what?

That’s not true, and I’m living proof. I’ve committed to being in flow while in a business environment and have implemented strategies into my real life; not just concepts or ideas. 

Today, we believe The Myths:

  • MeritoCRAZY: The myth that we have to work hard to achieve our goals.

  • Me, Me, Me: The myth of hyper individualism and that there is only one winner; it’s a dog-eat-dog world and only the fittest survive.

  • Materialism: The myth of consumerism. If I buy something I’ll feel better; if I make a lot of money I’ll be happier.

  • Multitasking: The myth of busy; the more I do the more I’ll get done; multitasking and over-scheduling because relaxing = laziness.

These Myth’s mean that our actions are based on getting results, competing and fighting for power, constant movement at all costs and “doing” all the time. 

We have put a lot of energy into these values and it has lead us to feel:

  • MeritoCrazy: Burnt out from stupid grit (insert link here)

  • Me, Me, Me: Lonely, untrusting and disconnected from coworkers/communities 

  • Materialism: Resentful after working in a job we don’t enjoy

  • Multitasking: Inability to relax or focus

But it doesn’t have to be this way. All we need to do is to get out of the grind and into the flow.

So I tossed my to-do list in the bin and only focused on three high impact activities a day using my Daily Delta method. I brought homemade healthy lunches into work and ate them peacefully outside rather than succumb to the easily bought unhealthy take-out that other people wolfed down between conference calls. 

I learned how to balance my “Go” with my “Flow” mode.  

And wow!  

Lo and behold, at the end of that year I hit 160% of my goals and only worked 20 hours a week! 

By using my 20-Hour Work Week method, I not only felt better, but I was more successful to boot.

I could barely believe it.

The key to true sustainable success is not to pump the breaks on your “Go;” it’s to be mindful, intuitive and coherent about when to throttle – which energy, how much and when. We can keep and rebalance all of the amazing skills we already have. That way, instead of stupid grit, we display healthy perseverance; instead of aggressive we are collaborative with healthy boundaries. 

How do we do that? In our programs at Open Deltas we teach:

  • Mindfulness: Restructuring the brain for focus and high performance. 

  • The Glow State: Balancing your “flow” and “go” energy for consistent performance. 

  • Intuition: Making better and faster decisions. 

  • Coherence: Developing presence, leadership and influence.

Below is a table that recaps The Myths, their results, and how to solve for them in our everyday lives:

Contact Open Deltas today for more information on our life-changing programs.


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