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Mindful Problem Solving

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

It all started when my husband wouldn’t let us foster animals because of his allergies and my pesticide advocacy work had hit a good point (we finally got notifications prior to sprays for my little town!!).

But I still felt helpless, feeling like there wasn’t too much I could do in my community except for sending donations, ordering take out and doing online yoga with my studio.

Then I realized that my main community are YOU.

My community consists of each one of YOU-- the Stressed-out, Already-Low-On-Reserves-Before-a-Global-Pandemic Professionals! I love you guys/gals and educating you on how you can increase performance and wellbeing.

So here I was with a problem on my hands. I wanted to serve the greater good but I couldn’t do too much with the skills I had nor the fact we were required to be quarantined at home.

And this is where my MDS tool comes into play.

What’s an MDS?

In my world, a Multi-Dimensional Solution is when there are multiple positive outcomes from a solution that provide a win for all parties involved as well as the greater good. The old paradigms of a win for you and a lose for me, or negotiating, no longer serve the world in which we live.

Looking for a Win-Win-Win or an MDS requires creativity and intuition.

So how do you create an MDS:

  • Gather: all the facts you need about the topic, situation or issue at hand; really immerse yourself.

  • Performance Break: walk away, go on a run, and let your intuition take over.

  • Mindfully Observe: over the next 24-72 hours, notice how ideas start to formulate, and write them down.

  • Performance Break: again, walk away and let your intuition and creative genius take over.

  • Schedule time: to review the ideas (without distractions) and combine them or create new ones.

  • Evaluate all angles: come from a place of empathy and compassion from each perspective – does this serve their needs and lead to positive outcome? Does it lead to a positive outcome for the greater good?

So how did this work for me?

While on a walk (wearing a mask and social distancing with any neighbors that crossed my path), it hit me. I would adapt one of my most popular trainings on stress and offer it for FREE to my network in exchange for any participant to “Pay it forward” in their community.

I called it my Chaos to Calm webinar, and low and behold, I had over 15 corporations take me up on this training. It was truly a win-win, as I got to impact over 1000 professionals who paid it forward in their communities. I had one client even donate $15,000 to their community after this webinar! And I got introductions to clients that wanted to work with me in the future.

So, my questions is, how can you create an MDS – in your home, with your co-workers, or in your community?!

Email me at to learn more about this offering and bring it to your organization.


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