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Forced PTO

Be Present, Where Ever You Are.

“I hear music in the background, can whoever is remote please mute their line.” Sometimes, there was nothing more annoying then poor conference-call etiquette.

It’s a small world after all blasted through the speakers as someone was trying to speak.“Sorry boss, I’m at Disneyland with my kids and its really loud.”

“Are you on PTO?” I asked kindly.

“Yep, kids first trip to see Mickey!” he said with equal part excitement and dread.

“Then why are you on the commit call?” I asked, deadpan.

“Because I’m dedicated.” This guy was a machine, not only was he friendly, kind and highly capable but he was loyal to a fault.

“Yes, you’re a very dedicated and valuable part of the team and I need to keep it that way. That’s why I’m going to expel you from the WebEx now. Enjoy your vacation and make sure you say hi to Mickey for us. Good-bye!” I pressed the expel button and the music instantly cut out.

Blank stares looked back at me. They couldn’t believe it, I was forcing someone to not work on vacation.

My explanation was simple: he would only be able to consistently perform if he took care of himself, a core tenant of our proven Performance-Based Mindfulness method.

“My expectation is that when you are working, you are 100% focused and when are you are taking care of yourself you are 100% taking care of yourself. And especially if you ever fall behind you goals, and that’s an even bigger reason to make sure you take care of yourself so you can show up and be your best self.”

How many times do you find yourself multitasking or ruminating about work during your nights, weekends or before bed?

Want to get out of the Grind and into the Flow? Get the Book or join our 20-Hour work week course to learn our specific method and steps you can take to become more productive.

(work less + get more done = live more).


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