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How to create a mindfulness program

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

I get this question from corporate 'closet meditators' and mindfulness coaches alike: "How do I bring mindfulness to my organization?"

I always come back with, "Bringing mindfulness into an organization is easy. Hire me. (Insert big smile.) ...The real challenge is creating a program that is long-term, scalable and impactful."

After working at Cisco where I started with a Monday lunchtime mediation in our NYC office (15 - 60 people)... to rolling out a program with my team (30 people)... to presenting at our Sales Meeting (40,000 people)... to presenting Globally (70,000) I've put together a quick 15 minute introduction to help you start to think about building your program.

If interested, email me to get a FREE worksheet to help you get started.

Want to create a better work environment?

Want to bring mindfulness to your organization but not sure how?

Through my program, get step-by-step instruction and learn how to:

  • Assess your Culture to create the right program for culture.

  • Reduce cycles with prepared benefits, case studies and FAQ templates to handle questions and myths.

  • Measure Success: What to track, how to track and how to communicate.

  • Behavior Change: understand how to create lasting change. 

Questions or need advice?

Reach Out! It's truly my passion and purpose to help open minds and catalyze change.


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