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Mindful Bathroom Breaks

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

In our programs, we teach you tools to increase productivity and decrease stress. Performance breaks and listening to your body (self-awareness) are two small steps you can take to see big results.

...So while this is not a topic that you’d typically find on a professional website, but it is an important topic.

My office was on the opposite side of the ladies restroom, which was about half an NYC avenue. Which is far if you don't have to go to the bathroom and even further if you do.

It wasn’t uncommon to find me sprinting down the hall after waiting one call too long to relieve myself.

The adult bladder can hold about two cups of urine before our tiny receptors send a message to our brain that tell us our bladder is full.

When you choose to jump on one last call before relieving yourself, the cylindrical sphincters in your bladder close up tightly to keep the urine from leaking through your urethra. Cylindrical sphincters are small, mighty muscles and quite efficient at what they do… until you consistently prioritize working over your body’s needs.

Constantly holding your bladder can lead to weakened muscles or urinary retention. Basically, this means those weakened muscles prevent you from fully emptying your bladder, which means you feel like you have to use the bathroom a lot.

Our bodies are amazing supercomputers. Our body naturally cools itself through sweating and warms itself with goosebumps. We automatically digest, metabolize, and process food.

Then, the body removes the by products and toxins. There is a reason you need to go.

Be mindful of your’ll end up saving yourself time (or, at least, trips to the bathroom).


Self- awareness is a power tool, use performance breaks to become more aware of the present moment... and how you show up. It is increasingly difficult to be our best selves when we are distracted or not taking care of ourselves (hungry, tired, cold, etc).

Want to learn more, read Chapter Two from my book, Out of the Grind and Into the Flow.


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