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A Mindful retreat

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Whoa. What a weekend.

I initially created “the Retreat” after getting about a year’s worth of clients asking for a luxury weekend of mindfulness.

I had low expectations.

I told the universe that I would only host the weekend if it brought the right mix accommodations, location, weather, food, resources, people together for an epic weekend.

….And the universe delivered.

The most stunning accommodations literally fell into my lap. A highly skilled chef/nutritionist became my friend. Then the retreat filled up within 3 weeks with barely any promotion.

On Friday April 12th, nine female business leaders from across the country met me in Tomales Bay for a truly epic weekend.

At a luxury farmhouse, we were surrounded by rolling green pastures, wildflowers and blue skies.

We started our days watching the sunrise with fresh mint or ginger tea, with hikes and yoga on the wraparound porch, cuddled baby goats, and the food… the food made me forget we were on a detox.

We made our own salads with the fresh greens from the garden.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed acupuncture and learned how to use our meridian points to reduce tension and stress in the body.

At night, we dozed off under the stars to a sound bath with reiki while wearing organic face masks and nourishing scalp treatments. Some actually took a lavender bath or used the hot tub.

While we learned a lot about Mindfulness (over 4 different neuroscience topics, 5 workplace techniques and 10 meditations), I think we learned the most from each other. Most of the women had big breakthroughs around career transitions. Some used this to kick start a new healthy routine.

But all of us, including myself, left feeling 10 lbs lighter. For one weekend, we didn’t have stress weighing us down and we were free just tune into our own needs and intuition.

If you are someone who likes equal parts of stimulation/learning and relaxation… this is the retreat for you. I make sure our time is organized and structured enough so you don’t have worry about anything.

Please reach out now if you would like to learn about upcoming retreats or hosting one for you or your organization.


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