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Performance Breaks Stir the Ocean

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Building your ability to focus and be resilient are two core skills we help you develop in order to increase your productivity and wellbeing.

Who knew one of the most energy-efficient animals in the world is also using one of our proven methods? And how exactly can we learn from jellyfish?

Jellyfish propel themselves forward using a suction method that contracts and then relax in order for a second wave of motion to occur. Jelly take what we fondly refer to in our programs as 'Performance Breaks'.

Without the crucial step of relaxing in between, there would be no movement.

This minor performance break is what makes them one of the most productive creatures on the planet, as these small creatures are credited with literally stirring the world’s oceans.

Now back to you... Your brain makes about 35,000 decisions a day. You will receive approximately 270 newspapers worth of data on an average day and check your phone 150 times.

No wonder we are overwhelmed, right?!

Without taking performance breaks, you’re at a higher risk of burnout, anxiety, and a generally decreased level of productivity.

In our Resiliency program, we recommend going on a 30-minute walk during the day or taking the time to water your plants, as these small breaks truly increase your capacity to get more done in the immediate future. In our Digital Distraction eCourse and 20-Hour Work Week eCourse, we suggest taking a digital detox each Sunday as rest is a vital part of your performance and wellbeing.

If that little creature can take a break and stir 75% of the earth’s water… I wonder what a little break each day could do for you.

So go ahead and schedule your performance breaks, whether they be daily, weekly or monthly, and watch how that relatively short break helps you break through the burnout you’ve been having.


Need to manage stress better? Want to increase productivity to the point of having a 20-hour work week? Contact me for a free 30 minute coaching call or check out one of my eCourses.

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